Biplab Kr Dey


 TURA, May 1 – West Garo Hills (WGH) police today arrested two persons from Rajabala in the district with Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) worth Rs 1.32 lakh after busting a major racket close to Assam-Meghalaya border.

The arrests were made based on reports of FICN being circulated by some unscrupulous criminals amongst villagers as payments for various trades. Police suspect that the gang responsible for the racket could have circulated over Rs 40 lakh amongst unsuspecting victims.

“This group of criminals was going into villages and buying betel nuts and other products and making payments late in the evenings in mostly dark places. As villagers were unable to check the authenticity of the notes due to the darkness, they were getting away with the entire operation,” said a highly placed police source.

“We have arrested two of the main men behind the entire operation and search is currently on for the rest of the gang,” said district police chief, Dr MGR Kumar.

“We believe the gang is international and has been circulating FICN for some time through the Mankachar route from Bangladesh. The notes are very difficult to discern as they have most security features including high security thread, 3D raised elevation for visibly disabled people. They used crowded market days to push through the FICN,” added Dr Kumar.

The two arrested have been identified as Abdul Kalam from Hazirhat in Assam and Salseng Sangma from Tura in West Garo Hills with more arrests.

Meanwhile, as a measure to ensure the network of FICN did not spread, WGH police will soon work on spreading awareness on how to differentiate FICN from real money.

WGH police also seized a motorcycle from the duo with registration ML-08 C 8913 which they believe was used to transport the fake currency.


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